Pilgrim Surf+Supply SPECIAL EVENT Vol.8 "YOGA EVENT" supported by DANSKIN


Pilgrim Surf+Supply holds regular yoga workshops at our shop in Shibuya. For our next workshop on the evening of Friday, June 23th, we will be doing yoga to center our minds and bodies, with support from activewear brand DANSKIN.

TEAM DANSKIN instructor Noriko Sagara will give a detox yoga lesson designed to realign worn-out guts with various twisting poses. After the lesson we will provide delicious, mind-relaxing "Daikanyama Salads" to take home with you. We will also support you on the dietary side, which you are certain to be thinking about after the lesson. This DANSKIN yoga event is for the active, positive-minded modern woman. Please contact our shop for information about attending.

Special Teacher:相楽のりこ/ TEAM DANSKIN アンバサダー


Your yoga instructor will be someone who teaches all over the country. She has a passion for body movement in nature, participating in many sports including swimming, skiing, diving, and surfing. Her personal experience with exercise taught her the importance of stretching and how it affects both body and mind. She began doing yoga while still working a day job in order to stay healthy, stay in shape, and stay looking youthful. As a yoga life advisor, she also provides guidance and support for living a healthy yoga life.


It all started in New York in 1882. DANSKIN created a women's active lifestyle brand for women engaged in sports and exercise, living lives of strength and flexibility. While functioning ideally for active situations, the company's apparel also boasts flattering silhouettes and stylish designs.

Event Date: June 23, 2017 (Fri.) 20:30~22:00

Location: Pilgrim Surf+Supply

Entrance Fee:¥2,000 (tax incl.)

Capacity:20 guests

Who should come:All levels *The lesson will teach participants how to incorporate stretches into their basic yoga routines. Beginners are welcome.

What to bring:clothes allowing good mobility (yoga wear), yoga mat (please indicate on your application if you want to rent a mat) *Please bring a jacket to put on as it may be cold depending on the weather.

【Applications and Payment】
■For more on how to sign up, please visit Pilgrim Surf+Supply or contact the shop at(03-5459-1690)
We will need to verify the following when contacted.

・ Participant name(s)
・ Number of participants
・ Contact (phone, email address)

*The number of participants we can accommodate is limited. Please be aware that we will stop taking requests once capacity has been met.

■Payment Method Payment will be collected on the day of the workshop when you register at reception. Please note that only cash payment will be accepted.

【Making Changes to an Application】
To cancel a reservation or make changes to an application, please contact the shop at(03-5459-1690)

Special Food:Daikanyama Salads

The entire menu is designed under the direction of a cosmetic dermatologist who has done extensive research on the topics of health and beauty. Every item is based on dietary guidance for nutritional therapy given at the doctor's clinic, which includes prescription salads. All ingredients are chosen carefully for their place of origin and how they are processed, and are gluten-free and casein-free with no trans-fats or preservatives.