"In The Streets" w/ Grant Brittain Capsule Collection Tee by FACT. and Arkitip - JUN.16th RELEASE -


The capsule collection T-shirts manufactured by FACT., the brand from Los Angeles based on the culture of skateboarding, music, and art, and "Arkitip," the art magazine, will be released on June 16th (Fri).

This collection, which is titled "In the Streets" and has the theme of the memories of street skating from the 80s as filmed by the legendary photographer Grant Brittain, is characteristic for its colorful, powerful prints that have Grant Brittain's hand-written words layered over iconic photos capturing the creativity, power, and style of the skateboarding scene at the time.

All of the heavy 100% cotton T-shirts, which weigh 6.5 ounces, are produced in Los Angeles.


(above / Left to right) Neil Blender , Christian Hosoi , Jim Thibaud ¥6,000(+tax) ※each item

Pilgrim Surf+Supply
1F 1-14-7 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan

Release Date:June 23th, 2017 (Fri)11 : 00〜
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