G-SHOCK × Pilgrim Surf+Supply『GLX5600』- APR.8th RELEASE -


Our popular G-SHOCK made-to-order model from last year, the GLX 5600, will be released this year on April 8th (Sat).

G-SHOCK is known for supporting the world's top surfers and other extreme sports athletes.

Within G-SHOCK's extensive collection, the compact and low profile design of the GLX-5600 makes for a particularly great fit. The model includes a tide graph on the top of the LCD screen showing tidal information for the area set by the user, and a moon data display shows the current phase of the moon. These watches will be made to order based on this popular GLX-5600 model equipped with functions essential to the avid surfer.

Last year's navy model was quite popular and, this season, we have chosen an olive color band which is a perfect match for both urban settings and outdoor activities. We have also produced the watch with a matte finish which makes dirt and scratches far less conspicuous. Making the two-layer face portion of the watch completely white in color provides increased visibility and a stylish accent. From urban settings to outdoor activities, this item is the perfect addition to an active, dual lifestyle.


G-SHOCK × Pilgrim Surf+Suplpy『GLX-5600』

Release Date:April 8th, 2017 (Sat)
※Currently accepting pre-orders both at the shop and on the 「BEAMS Online Shop」. Please ask the shop staff for more information.