Pilgrim Surf+Supply SPECIAL EVENT Vol.5 Erika Endo Workshop


Our Yoga Workshops continue to be a customer favorite. Nike certified master trainer and instructor Erika Endo will be with us this time to host a workshop, with our popular morning yoga being joined by a new night yoga session at the shop. We have a range of programming for you at these events.

We will also be offering cold pressed juice from YES Juice.

Please contact the shop to book a seat at the event.

Guest teacher: Erika Endo


Erika Endo:
 Nike certified master trainer and yoga instructor
In 2005, Endo completed her teacher's training, and she has drawn on her experience in Kiyoshi Naruse's Indian philosophy course to host lessons at yoga studios, temples, and hospitals in the city revolving around themes of wellbeing and independence. In addition to being a certified yoga instructor with the Indian Central Technology Ministry, Endo is also active as a sports model and director for advertising projects in magazines and advertisements. As a licensed Nike Japan master trainer, she leads yoga training at a range of large-scale events.

Yoga Workshop
In our busy lives in the city, it's easy to develop stress in body and mind. Avoiding stress altogether is difficult, but yoga is an effective way of managing your stress. Focusing on poses that even beginners can master, the course begins by treating stiff shoulders, a symptom of overuse of computers and smartphones. We then move on to practicing deep breathing. Through this class, your day-to-day consciousness will change, and you will see your body and mind changing.
The night class focuses on breathing and bodily awareness, a form of self-therapy that lets you treat your body with greater care as you smoothe out the autonomic nervous system. In the morning class, students focus on their core muscles and strengthen their core, as well as practice yoga for an effective exercise. Strengthening your core improves metabolism and offers excellent detox benefits. Continued practice improves concentration and balance, so it is perfect for surfers!
Clear your mind and develop a healthy and better you from the inside out.

10/18/2016, 8:30 PM--10:00 PM
10/29/2016, 9:00 AM--10:30 AM

Pilgrim Surf+Supply shop (covered deck space)

Admission: ¥2,000 (tax inclusive)

Occupancy: 20 people

Open to all levels
*Even if you do not regularly engage in exercise, this workshop, with its focus on basic poses, will allow you to take part, even if it's your first time with yoga. This course is perfect for those working hard in the city and then pursuing outdoor activities like surfing and hiking on the weekend.

What you need: comfortable clothing (yoga wear), yoga mat

*Note that, depending on weather conditions, it may be cold, so please bring an extra layer.

■To apply
Apply to the Pilgrim Surf+Supply shop or by phone at(03-5459-1690).
You will be asked to provide the following:
・Names of participants
・Number of participants
・Contact address (telephone, e-mail address)
*Note that space is limited Applications will be closed once we reach full occupancy.

Payment will be collected on the day of the workshop.
Note that only cash payment is accepted.

Changing your application:
To cancel or change your application, please contact us by telephone at (03-5459-1690).

Special Drink:cold-pressed YES Juice

Offered in two varieties in plastic bottles.
Select one juice of your preference and enjoy it after the yoga session.


YES Tokyo opened this April in Nakameguro. YES Tokyo promotes an exciting lifestyle around the concept of "Say YES to be a better you," and it operates the YES Juice  shop and YES Studio, a yoga studio. YES Juice offers the industry's widest selection of cold-pressed juices, allowing customers to select a juice that will become their everyday "elixir." The shop also offers customized Personal Juice Cleanses with experts.