nonnative for Pilgrim Surf+Supply 2016 - 2017 AUTUMN & WINTER COLLECTION 『LOOK TO THE PAST, ADAPT THE FUTURE』


<nonnative> A Tokyo brand suited to a variety of places and situations, not just urban life.

Each season, designer Takayuki Fujii revises the images and feelings gained on his travels and in daily life into modern silhouettes, incorporating materials suited to the garment's application, robust stitching, and practical details.

This collaboration focusing on functionality and comfort―shared concepts of <nonnative> and <Pilgrim Surf+Supply>―started from the 2015 Autumn/Winter season. The theme of this season is "LOOK TO THE PAST, ADAPT THE FUTURE", which contains a message about drawing on knowledge and experienced cultivated thus far, and updating now to adapt to the future. The navy and olive color scheme of <Pilgrim Surf+Supply>has been incorporated into the clothing, with details and silhouettes pursuing the functionality and comfort of <nonnative>remaining unchanged.