Hailing from southern California, Seea is a swimwear brand for women who surf. The MORE VARIATION event will begin at Pilgrim Surf+Supply on Friday on Friday, June 24.

With bright colors, contemporary, bold prints and cuts refined for a modern but retro look, elegant but functional, beautiful yet comfortable to wear, Seea swimwear is riding a wave of popularity among female surfers.

The word "Seea" expresses love for the sea.

Come on over and find the perfect piece for you.

The theme of the 2016 spring-summer season is "PANAMA"
"The 2016 spring-summer season features a liberating lineup inspired by traditional Panamanian clothing. In exploring new combinations, such as geometric patterns with organic prints or tropical, ethnic prints with bright colors, this series was created in a spirit of fun."
Seea Founder & Designer:Amanda Chinchelli

Event Dates: Friday, June 24 - Sunday July 10, 2016
Pilgrim Surf+Supply