SUICOKE x Pilgrim Surf+Supply “KISEE-V” 5.28 sat. RELEASE

The highly anticipated smokey color palette version of the KISSE-V, one of the signature models of our <SUICOKE> line, was released made-to-order on Saturday, May 28, 2016.

There are two available colors, coyote/khaki and olive/sage green. By using the same color for different materials from the upper to the soul, we have achieved a sharp look and finish. Also, a brand name tag with a pennant flag has been included: the mark of a made-to-order product. This is an item that can be used in a many occasions from the city to the outdoors.

SUICOKE × Pilgrim Surf+Supply "KISEE-V"
Size:5,6,7(Womens Size) 8,9,10(Mens Size)

How to purchase
Release date: Saturday, May 28, from 11:00 am (available on our online store from 11:00 am on the same day)

*preorders and reservations not available

*the product cannot be exchanged or returned for reasons on the customer side

The purchasing outlets and rules stated above are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for understanding.

Updated May 24, 2016