ENGINEERED GARMENTS × Pilgrim Surf + Supply “TEAM TEE & LAND and Water Shorts” 5.14 Sat. RELEASE

The newest collaboration project between the popular New York-based clothing company ENGINEERED GARMENTS and Pilgrim Surf + Supply will hit the stores on May 14th, 2016.

The T-shirt is discreetly adorned with the pennant-shaped logo identifying the brand, features crossover detailing on the neckline to facilitate layering, and can be matched with a variety of outfits. The three different types of nylon used in the shorts not only give it an excellent appearance but also makes it suitable for use both on land and in the water, and is the perfect choice for your outdoor activities in the coming season.


A T-shirt featuring the brand's pennant-shaped logo and a patch pocket.
Each T-shirt comes with the same color print. In the case of the navy shirt, the print will become more prominent as the color of the body fades, creating a changing effect that can be enjoyed over years of use. The crossover detailing on the neckline looks great on its own and also helps with layering and functions to make any stretching or warping of the neckline over time less noticeable. Despite its apparent simplicity, this shirt is chock-full of the fastidious detailing you've come to expect from each brand.


"LAND and Water Shorts"
Intended for use both on land and in water, the shorts feature two key colors--olive and navy--that characterize each brand.
In addition to their attractive appearance, the shorts have also been designed for practical use through the selection of the best materials. The side panel and pockets are constructed out of mesh fabric for breathability in air and permeability in water, while the inseam is made from knit fabric and the front and back panels use Taslon.


Regarding the sales method and launch date: Sales begin at 11AM on Saturday, May 14th (sales through the online shop are scheduled to begin on Saturday, May 21st)

※We do not accept reservations, lay away, or mail order sales

※We do not accept arbitrary return or exchange of items after purchase

Please be aware that the above sales methods and rules may be altered without warning.

This information is current as of May 6th, 2016