Chaco × Pilgrim Surf+Supply「Z1」 “Pennant Checker Sandal” 4.29 fri. RELEASE

A new special-order model based on the famous Chaco Z1 is slated for release on Friday, April 29th (a holiday).

We took the pennant logo that is synonymous with Pilgrim Surf + Supply and arranged it in a style reminiscent of a checkered flag on the webbing tape, and also printed the logo onto the brand name tag on the heel. This special sandal is perfectly suited to city living as well as to camping or playing by the river.

Chaco × Pilgrim Surf+Supply "Z1"
Size:5,6,7,8(Womens Size) 7,8,9,10(Mens Size)

Sales Method
Launch date: 11AM on Friday, April 29th (a holiday). Sales through the online shop are scheduled to begin at 11AM on the same day.

※We do not accept reservations, layaway, or mail order sales

※We do not accept the arbitrary return or exchange of items after purchase

Please be aware that the above rules and methods may be altered without warning.

This information is current as of April 22nd, 2016.