Pilgrim Surf + Supply SPECIAL EVENT Vol. 1: Angela Maki Vernon’s Yoga Workshop and Talk Show

On May 7th (Saturday), we will be holding a yoga workshop and talk show on the deck of Pilgrim Surf + Supply hosted by the surfer and model Angela Maki Vernon.

In addition to a yoga workshop designed to help take away your accumulated fatigue, the event will feature a talk show in which Angela will draw on her unique experience living in Hawai'i and traveling between cities, along with specially available cold-pressed juice drinks from the Cleansing Café.

Let's spend a relaxing morning together in this cozy space!


May 7th, 2016 (Saturday)
9:00-10:00    Yoga workshop
10:00-10:30    Talk show

The roofed-in deck at Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Instructor: Angela Maki Vernon


Instructor: Angela Maki Vernon

アンジェラ・磨紀・バーノン/Angela Maki Vernon
Born to a Japanese mother and an American father, she lived up in Japan until the age of 18. Subsequently, she immigrated to Hawai'i. She is active as a model and personality in a wide range of surfing magazines and television programs, and is hugely popular in Hawai'i as a professional and charismatic local surfer. She founded the volunteer surfing school Ocean's Love, which is now in its 12th year of operation, as a way to teach disabled children to find joy in surfing and the ocean. The organization plans to expand its annual event, which is currently held on the Chigasaki coast, nation-wide.
In addition to being a surfer, she is also a specialist in yoga who maintains a healthy yoga lifestyle, participates in numerous Japanese events, and released the Hawai'ian yoga DVD Hawaiian Life Style with Yoga

Price: ¥2,000 (incl. tax)

Capacity: 15 participants

Target audience: All levels of experience.
*First-time yoga practitioners are welcome! The activities will be based on basic poses that are accessible even to those who don't exercise regularly. Also recommended for surfers.

Yoga Workshop Details
Those of us who live in cities tend to accumulate fatigue in our neck and shoulders from using electronic devices such as computers and smartphones.
At the beginning of the class, you will learn to release the tension in your neck and shoulders, open up your chest, and take deep breaths. Then, by releasing the tension in your back and hips, you will learn how to open up your entire body and relieve any pain or stiffness in your shoulders as well as tiredness in your neck and back. Finally, you will learn to build the muscles in your back and hips that are extremely important in surfing. Through daily repetition of the poses introduced in this workshop, you can not only become a better surfer but also create the foundation for a more fatigue-resistant body.
Let's clear our minds and work toward a healthy and energetic body and soul!

Items to bring: Clothes that are easy to move around in (yoga wear) and a yoga mat.
*Depending on the weather, temperatures may dip. Please bring warm clothes that you can wear on top of your yoga gear.

Special Drink: Cold-Pressed Juices from the Cleansing Café

We have prepared three different bottled varieties.
We will provide whichever variety you choose during the talk portion of the event.

The Cleansing Café, which opened in 2014, offers systematic health and beauty to adult consumers.

Regarding Registration and Payment
• Registration method
Please inquire at the Pilgrim Surf + Supply storefront or call the shop at 03-5459-1690. Please have the following information available when you do so:
• Participant names
• Number of participants
• Contact information (telephone number/email address)
*This event has limited availability. Please be aware that the registration period will end once the number of participants has reached capacity.
• Payment method
Payments will be accepted on the day of the event during check-in.
Please be aware that payments are cash-only.
Regarding Cancellation and Modification
To cancel or modify a registration, please call the shop at 03-5459-1690.