VANS × Pilgrim Surf + Supply Vault OG ”Slip-On” 4.16 Sat. RELEASE

The newest incarnation of the VANS Vault OG line is set for re-released on Saturday, April 16th, and will feature the black checker pattern that is synonymous with the VANS Slip-On replaced by the pennant design that is characteristic of Pilgrim Surf + Supply.

This version of the Slip-On incorporates a more classic form by using the wooden mold of the Vault line. The brand name tag is printed with the name VANS on the front side and the pennant logo on the back, while the outsole is a transparent waffle sole allowing you to see the Pilgrim pennant printed underneath as in the previous version, the  "Authentic."

VANS × Pilgrim Surf+Supply "Slip-On"
Size:4.5,5,5.5,6,6.5(Womens Size) 7.5,8,8.5,9,9.5,10,10.5,11,12(Mens Size)

Sales Method
Launch date: 11AM on Saturday, April 16th (sales through the online shop are scheduled to begin at 11AM on Saturday, April 23rd).
※Sales are limited to one pair per customer (or a total of two pairs if the purchase consists of one men's and one women's sized pair)
※We do not accept reservations, lay away, or mail order sales
※We do not accept the arbitrary return or exchange of items after purchase
※In the event of a product defect, we will refund the cost of purchase but cannot provide a replacement. Moreover, we have no plans for additional orders to restock our inventory.
※Any transfer of money or valuables or other solicitation whether inside or outside the store may be grounds for denying a sale.
※Please refrain from lining up in front of the store during the day or night prior to the launch date, as this may disturb our neighbors. Moreover, we do not accept responsibility for any issues between customers that may arise.

Please be aware that the above rules and methods may be altered without warning.
This information is current as of April 6th, 2016.